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who is Dre Baldwin...?
Mental Toughness & Strategy coach based in miami, florida
  • Former Professional Basketball Player
  • Author of 27 books, including Work On Your Game: Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate Your Game In Business, Sports, and Life  
  • 4 TEDxTalks on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative 
  • ​Creator & Host of "Work On Your Game" Daily Podcast With Over 3 Million Listens
My story isn't that of your average entrepreneur or business coach. My first profession was basketball. 

I sat the bench as a senior in high school, averaging 2 points per game. I had no choice but to walk on at an NCAA D3 school to continue my career (where most athletes don't even think about going pro, let alone make it happen). I'm a hustler, though: I made it and played professional basketball for nearly a decade overseas. 

I started publishing content at the same time (2005), blogging and posting videos to a new site called "YouTube." My content was 100% basketball-related, and players started asking about the mental side of the game. 
  • How do you show up and work when you're unsure of the outcome?
  • How can you have the same confidence in front of an audience that you have in practice? 
  • What keeps you in a positive frame of mind when things aren't going as expected? 
  • ​How do you even get started doing what you do?
The answers to those questions -- Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative -- formed the basis of the Work On Your Game philosophy. Over the last 15 years, we've reached over 73 million growth-oriented people across multiple platforms. 
I faced many times where circumstances said "give it up and move on!" 
every time, i regrouped and came back even better. 
now, i teach people like you to do the same thing.
Get Instant Access To My Personal Library Of 11+ Courses That Make Mastering Your Mental Game, Discipline, business strategy And execution Faster, Easier And Better!
 The fears you don't talk about... 

(What keeps you awake at night)

  • Time Will Go By -- And You'll Still Be In The Same Place... Unable To Make Your Mark On The World
  • ​All Your Hard Work Won't Produce Tangible Results...
  • Imposter Syndrome: You Fail To Sell Yourself And Your Goods Because No One Sees The Value In Them Or In YOU...
  • ​You'll Settle And Never Reach Your Full Potential...
  • ​You'll Never Do Enough Or Be Enough...
  • ​You Know WHAT To Do -- But Never Do It!
  • ​You're Turning ____ (Age) And Thought You'd Be Further Ahead By Now...
  • ​Other People Are Advancing In Life -- You Don't Know If That Will Ever Be You...
  • ​Your (Subconscious) Fears Are Holding You Back In Everything
 what you REALLY want to feel...

(And It's Not Just "Making Money")

  • You're Making Measurable Progress Every Day
  • Fully Confident In Yourself
  • Unapologetic About Who You Are
  • ​Realizing Your Full Potential Is Truly Within Your Reach
  • ​Motivated, Fired Up & Empowered
  • ​Mentally Active Instead Of Passive 
  • ​You Have Clarity About Your Path
  • ​There Is Someone You Can Talk To When You Need It -- Someone Who Understands Where You're At And Will Tell You the TRUTH
  • Excited About Your Future
  • ​No Longer Selling Yourself Short
  • ​Knowing You're Fulfilling Your Destiny
Daily texts 
  • Daily Messages Straight From Dre Baldwin Dre's "Weekly Motivation" videos on YouTube were the seeds of the Work On Your Game movement. Now, you'll receive a daily message from Dre to keep you focused, positive and inspired. 
monthly university magazine
  • Work On Your Game University Magazine [All Members] Each month we cover a topic and share key articles, curated audio episodes and top videos on the subject. 

monthly Topics include: 
- Leadership 
- confidence 
- productivity
- Mental Toughness 
- discipline 
... and more! 

online courses
dre goes deep on topics of mindset, branding, selling yourself, and networking. with these, you can not only choose your subject, but learn at your own pace -- which means you can take them in when it's comfortable for you. 
Bulletproof Mindset 
Get the full, comprehensive Mental Game package that forms the basis of Work On Your Game so you can dominate life from the inside out -- which means no more being your own worst enemy.
Value: $997
30 Days To Discipline 
Get the key element that builds confidence and fuels performance so you can be consistent in your delivery -- which means no more inconsistency and unpredictability from yourself.
Value: $297
ASAP Confidence 
Everyone wants more self-belief. Learn how to step your confidence up in less than a month so you can start attacking life aggressively and watch things (and people!) move out of your way.
Value: $297
Toughen Up
Tap into the Mental Toughness to deal with life's challenges from the inside out so you will never be slowed down by setbacks -- which means you experience steady momentum.
Value: $297
You are who you are, you like what you like, and you don't owe anyone an explanation. How does that sound? With this course, that will become your default approach to life, which means you'll be a lot more comfortable being YOU.
Value: $297
25 Hours 
Learn the keys to handling your most precious asset so you can stop trying to "manage" time and start controlling it -- which means no more feeling like you're always behind schedule.
Value: $297
People Skills 
Learn how to converse, make connections and build your network so you can have the valuable resource of relationships -- which means you won't have to do all the work by yourself anymore.
Value: $997
Content Machine Course 
If you're building an online business, you will learn to conceptualize, create and publish content endlessly so you can find and nurture an audience -- which means having a population of eager people who always want more from you.
Value: $297
Sell Yourself
The last thing you want to be is great at what you do, yet unable to get your goods & services in front of the people who want and need them. With this course, you'll learn how to get your name and work out there -- which means getting FULL *return on investment* for your abilities. 
Value: $297
Raise Your Value
It's time to up your worth -- and time to start demanding and getting it from the marketplace. Learn how to increase your perceived value, which means you can stop selling yourself short and feeling like you're settling. 
Value: $297
Social Story Secrets
Your social media story is an underrated platform for reaching an audience and building an intimate connection. Take Social Story Secrets so you can learn to foster that connection -- which means you have lifelong fans who are much more than mere followers. 
Value: $297
Work On Your Game System 
The Tested & Proven System Gives You The Exact 9 Principles To Understand And Implement The Work On Your Game Framework To Your Life... Within 72 Hours (Or Less). 
Value: $997
Still Have Questions? Email us:
Who is Work On Your Game University for?
We are here for the ambitious person -- entrepreneur, professional, student, athlete -- who's ready to level up. 
Does Dre do all the coaching calls himself? Or is it someone else? 
Dre is doing 100% of the coaching calls until or unless we note otherwise. In the future, we may have coaches who can teach the Work On Your Game Philosophy, but for now it will be the man himself. 
Are the Q&As and Workshops recorded in case I miss one?
Yes. Replays will be available in the online Member's Area within 72 hours after the event. 
What sets Work On Your Game University apart from other programs? 
1) There's real substance behind the material, not just a sales pitch. 
2) Dre teaches what he actually does. If you've been following his journey over the years, you've practically watched him do it! There's no fakery here. 
3) We have a real framework for real results here. This is not a coach selling you on how to be a coach, or a course on how to sell courses. 
I listen to all Dre's podcasts -- what can I learn at Work On Your Game University that you haven't already taught? 
1) Information is great; application is better. 
2) The best part of Work On Your Game University is that you will be learning from Dre directly on the live events -- you can ask questions about your specific needs, and understand how what you've heard applies to your circumstances. 
3) You'll connect with others who are on the same wavelength and growth path that you're on.  
4) As Dre says, "until you can teach it, you don't know it!"
Dre played basketball overseas. Why do this instead of teaching dribbling drills or fitness? 
From the beginning, the Work On Your Game message has always resonated with a much lager audience than just athletes (though many pros are our clients to this day). The concepts of Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative apply to life, and sports is but a small part of it. And, as Dre has moved on and evolved from professional sports, so has his audience evolved into more than just ball players. 
Can I pay yearly instead of monthly?
Do I have to think and talk and dress like Dre to succeed in Work On Your Game University?
No, and you shouldn't! Not everyone looks good in a snapback hat. Work On Your Game is not about you becoming Dre -- it's about you mastering the philosophy that Dre teaches and doing in your way in your game. 
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes. If at anytime during your first 30 days in Work On Your Game University you decide that this is not for you, email us ( and we will refund your payment and cancel your membership. 
What if I want to (gulp) cancel later? How would I do it?
Just email us at and it's done. There will be no hassle and no haggling. 
what they say about Work On Your Game 
if we included all the praise we've gathered over the years, you'd never finish scrolling #FACTS... Here's a taste


I want to thank you for the opportunity to open my awareness and thank you for the motivation. In 2018 I just built my tea company in China here in the tea gardens of Wuyi mountain. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I still remember your powerful speech. It has really motivated me. Here I am and I would like yo say thank you. 

Peiqin Zhao 
Certified Senior Tea Expert & Founder of Teahouse™


Thank you for sharing your value with the world. I appreciate your value, and it has helped me to develop the mental toughness that I lacked for years. I am in a situation right now that I know a year ago would have had me sleepless, but thanks to you and God that it doesn't matter to me anymore, because I am so focused on growing myself. It feels good to be confident, focused and moving forward. 

Monique McCray-Jackson
Author of "Broken But Not Destroyed"


Much love to you Dre! I just ordered your book this morning too. Your words this morning are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months now and it has definitely helped change the way I view myself and things. Keep doing what you’re doing. I will always support you!! 

Leila Nicole


I wanted to let you know that I love what you're doing. I haven't heard all of your podcasts yet but I'm working my way through them. I'm an athlete from a different perspective, I'm a barrel racer. I ride horses and compete in rodeo. Although a majority of sports talk you use or work with is Basketball, I can understand everything and can use it to help myself. It actually helps me think outside the box because I can't just copy and paste the situation from whatever you may be talking about to what I'm going through. You have made me more disciplined in myself and the work I need to do to become better every day. I greatly appreciate what you do.

Caitlin Collins
Rodeo Competitor


I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way... Dre helped me get my mind right and become the person who I wanted to be. I highly recommend Dre for anyone who wants to to get on the path of getting your mind right and achieving the things that you really want to do. Work On Your Game! 

John Madson, CFP®, CRPC®
Financial Advisor & Owner,  Signature Wealth Management


Thanks for the advice and content. I have applied some of your advice and so far have added staff to my academy and turned over management of some aspects to them, freeing up hours during my week. I am also Head Coach for a HS Varsity Team now, with a strong staff to whom I have delegated responsibility as well. Thanks to your advice, I am able to deliver in both areas on the same amount of time I was allocating to just one task before. I guess I just needed to take that first step of faith. It’s getting easier and now I can see how I can continue to expand my capacity into more areas and involve/promote others at the same time.

Rob Pierson
Director, Shine Basketball Academy


My boss heard Dre speak and was wowed by his perspective and enthusiasm for success. At the time of Dre's talk for our group, we were celebrating our company's top sellers. The challenge that faced us in that setting was motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last. His words were impactful to the level that a worker in the venue where Dre was speaking to us actually came up to him later and thanked him, stating that Dre spoke on exactly what he needed to hear that night. Dre was very professional and even stood in for photos and autographs after his speaking time was finished. 

Rachel Swires
Executive Assistant


Woah. One of the most inspiring and empowering kickoffs to a conference I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, @DreAllDay

Kristin Brashares
Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager


I appreciate your advice and will be following what you said today as I have with most of the other advice that you give out on your other podcasts. I’m one of your avid daily listeners (and one of your actual appliers of advice) and have ALREADY started to ask those initial questions to potential clients. You’re changing lives out here man, I hope you know and understand that.

JD Kearse 
Creative Consultant & Filmmaker


Dre, The life I decided to create when we talked is coming into being every day. I've created a contract and sent it off to someone on Monday. I'm firming up pricing tomorrow with a mentor. In the meantime, I got another request via Facebook for my services and I have had multiple people refer to me as "the expert" online lately. It's all coming together like you said! I listen to your podcast every day and am so incredibly grateful. You're the best. Thank you for changing my course by pushing me and challenging me. I honestly don't think I could have heard it from anyone but you at that point.

Jean South
CEO of Hired Served (Connecting Veterans & Employers)


Hi! My name is Raychel Shannon and I am an avid listener of your podcast. I really relate to your background story. I am a basketball player who also had a crazy journey to make it pro. I went from D2 to D3 to D2 again and made it overseas last year after overcoming a lot of closed doors. I used a lot of your material to guide me through the process and to get a taste of what to expect. Also, your podcast about reading books impacted my life in a huge way. I have always loved to read but didn’t prioritize it. Since listening I have read about a book a week and am working to increase this number even more. You have even inspired me to put my own blog together. When it is up and running I will definitely send you the link. In closing, I want to thank you for the material you put out. Keep up the great, quality work! 

Raychel Shannon
Pro Basketball Player


I started the new year by making an investment into changing my life’s experience through improving both my professional and social presence. In moments of reflection I’ve noted a number of missed opportunities over the years that included extended lapses of time in pursuit of attainable goals. One of the methods used to address these and other issues was working with Dre Baldwin of “Work On Your Game”. It resulted in the creation and implementation of actionable steps toward accurately focusing effort more consistently. A great deal of attention was given to developing a rubric of perspective to engage new challenges of any sort successfully as they arise. The positive gains from the experience overall have been lasting and are evident in my day to day life. A big take away was being reminded of how much control each of us have in maximizing our quality of life each day. There won’t ever be a need to repeat this process ever again. If you could benefit from learning how to be more organized, more confident, or whatever...heck we all can be better at something! Contact Dre ASAP and make good on your plans to improve if you are really serious about it. His methods are sound and his approach is both polished and professional. There are still many more mountains I have to climb, but I am geared up and ready to reach every summit. Thanks Dre!!!

Jeff Rashad Thomas
Customer Service Specialist


Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday. I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :)

Flor Castro
Podcast Creator & Host


Reality can be harsh making the truth hard to face sometimes; I love that Dre is a straight shooter and shares his insight where it’s black and white. He has a wide array of topics that are VERY relatable for just about anyone — a must listen to!!!

Stefanie Johnson
World Champion Professional Bowler


I just want to say that you are REALLY good at making the case for dropping all the analysis paralysis, and shaking the fear, and just doing wtf we wanna do, win lose or draw, and letting the chips fall where they fall, without whining. Nike says "Just Do It," and hell, a LOT of people say it, but few make the case like you do. Excellent work.

Steve Burks
Accomplished Singer-Songwriter & Musician


Dre Baldwin is a tough, truth-telling coach who can change your game by teaching you how to work on it in the right ways. None of what he shares is easy, but all of it is smart, and if you have the guts to do the work, this book will show you the path to success.

Dr. Nick Morgan
Acclaimed Best-Selling Author & Elite Communications Coach


Hi Dre! Will post this publicly but I also really wanted to tell you directly. It’s been exactly one year since I’d been listening to your podcasts. It started when I was on my way to my miserable job at a horrible architecture company. A team of 45 architects and 2 interior designers including myself. They had us working 14 hour days with no paid overtime, it was exhausting and completely upsetting to think this was all my industry could be. One fed up morning, I couldn’t stomach going to work, in need of some motivation I somehow stumbled upon your podcast and everything changed from then on. I went in every morning charged and motivated. Still hated my job entirely but it pushed me to have bigger ambition and a ‘no excuses’ attitude which has really become a part of the way I organically operate today. You helped me realize my potential, my talent, what drives me. Taught me to fuck the excuses, opinions and the norm. One ballsy day I left that job, and started my own business. Immediately I was petrified of what I had just done. “How will I get clients? This isn’t going to work... what were you thinking???” But I stuck to it, stayed brave and worked on marketing. 3 months into my business opening and I am constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I wake up driven, excited and charged every single day. I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible. It’s weird to think you’ve been a big part of my day for a year and you have no idea who I am 😂 Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing.

Tania Coneliano
Creative Director, Mozzafiato Interiors


I have known Dre for years now, and every interaction I have with him adds tremendous value to my life. From receiving inspiration from his well-spoken leadership as President of Toastmasters South Beach to sitting down with him 1-on-1 to discuss the next steps for my business, the wisdom and guidance he shares has always been on-point, visionary and empowered. Thank you, Dre, for the contribution you are to so many lives on this planet. You rock!

Jeska Brodbeck
Owner Of Be Light Consulting & Corporate Keynote Speaker


Dre, you continue to constantly inspire me and help me grow. You are a true Thought Leader

Darbi Gwynn
Influencer & Actress


I was a really good basketball player physical but mentally I wasn't there... I went from good to unstoppable. Dre just doesn't cover confidence. He covers confidence, discipline, visioning success, dealing with negativity, mindset mistakes and much, much more! I have recommended Dre to anyone who wants to be serious in basketball or anything in life. Thank you again and Work On Your Game!

Grayson Honaker
Record-Setting High School Basketball Star


WORK ON YOUR GAME will help you bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you're in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin's story and advice will inspire you to play your best -- no matter what your game.

Daniel Pink
4x New York Times Best-Selling Author

What's included: Live Calls

[Live Calls for EVERY Level!]

There's a Monthly Calendar for all our live coaching calls that specifies the topic to be discussed so you can plan ahead  -- which means you know exactly what you're getting and can bring your questions with you (and they're all recorded in case you miss one). 

weekly calls:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls w/ Q&A [Playoffs & Up] Every Week, there will be a live Zoom call where Dre teaches on Mindset (1st week of each month), Strategy (2nd week), Action (3rd week), and Accountability (4th week). Oh yeah -- all questions will be answered here, too. Bring your questions, concerns, announcements, wins, and challenges and be helped by Dre and the group. Calls will alternate each week between Friday one week and Saturday the next week at 12pm EST, (subject to change if necessary). 

Monthly Call:

  • Monthly Live How-To Workshop [Season & Up] Once Per Month, Dre teaches an actionable, start-to-finish workshop on a specific Work On Your Game U topic [Mindset, Strategy, Accountability, Action] then answers your questions live. You will leave these workshops with an EXACT execution plan.  Workshop dates to be announced. 
  • Q&A Call [Open To ALL Members] Once Per Month, Dre does a live call doing what he does best: answering YOUR questions live.  Q&A will be on a Saturday or Sunday at 12 or 1pm EST. Exact dates to be announced each month. 


A year and a half later I would like to thank you for your words of hope and to say that I just passed the exam and I'm already a lawyer. It was your words of confidence that, as strangers, had the greatest impact and helped me to overcome defeat and to continue working to achieve today's victory! God bless you!

Lili Cordeiro
Immigration & Human Rights Attorney / SVP, People and Culture 


Dre is a master of peeling back the layers to get to what's really important... Real, raw, and practical guide for getting whatever it is that you want. Be prepared to leave your excuses behind and experience mega growth. 

Misty Buck
Owner, PurposeSoul Athletics & Miss Ink Social Media Marketing Service
 What's Included: community

[All Levels]

Our exclusive Facebook Group is for Work On Your Game University members only. Share your wins and challenges, ask questions, offer insights and answers, and connect with people who are just as serious about their games as you! 
what you'll do upon joining: 
here's what happens next...

1. Welcome Package Email As soon as you're registered, you'll receive a Welcome Email with login info to the University Member's Area. There you will see the live calls schedule, monthly University Magazine, courses [Season Level & Up], and a link to schedule your Onboarding Call [Playoffs]. 

2. Access The Archives You can access the Call, Magazine archives, and Courses immediately, and go through them at your own pace.  

3. Join The Community Access the member-only Work On Your Game University Facebook Group (we will let you in within 48 hours!)

4. Schedule Onboarding Call [Playoffs Level only] When you join Work On Your Game University, you get a 30-minute call with Dre where we will go over why you've joined, your most pressing needs and what you want to accomplish in the University. Then we'll formulate a 90-day plan for you to get started with. 

5. Put the Live Calls on Your Calendar We send a weekly email with the upcoming call schedule. You can add these to your calendar and plan to be there! 

6. Show Up! Be present for the Live Coaching and Q&A calls. This is what you signed up for! You get out what you put in. 

Our Work On Your Game Guarantee

Take A Full 30 days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee
If Work On Your Game University doesn't teach you to implement the "Work On Your Game" philosophy from the inside out... if we don't hold you accountable to your started goals... if we don't help you to make measurable progress that you can see and feel... if you don't feel you're getting closer to your full potential, or if you just decide it's not for you, then you will receive a full refund anytime in your first 30 days, no questions asked!!
We'll take all the risk and prove ourselves. 
Dre Baldwin, CEO Work On Your Game Inc. 

Here’s Everything You Get TODAY With

  • Work On Your Game System ($997 Value)
  • ​Bulletproof Mindset 12 Module Course ($997 Value)
  • People Skills Course ($997 Value) 
  • 30 Days To Discipline Course ($297 Value)
  • ASAP Confidence Course ($297 Value)
  • 25 Hours Course ($297 Value)
  • Toughen Up Course ($297 Value)
  • Sell Yourself Course ($297 Value)
  • Content Machine Course ($297 Value)
  • Raise Your Value ($297 Value)
  • Social Story Secrets ($297 Value)
  • Unapologetic ($297 Value)
  • Monthly Work On Your Game Magazine ($47 Value)
  • Daily Text Messages From Dre ($47 Value)
  • Private University Community ($97 Value)
  • [FINALS ONLY] Bi-Weekly 1x1 Coaching Calls With Dre ($9,970 Value)

>>> Total Value: $15,825

start your monthly access now: 

HUGE 99% Discount!! 

just $97 today
or $970 Yearly  (Save $1,994!)
  • * Work On Your Game System (Value: 997)
  • * Bulletproof Mindset 12 Module Course (Value: 997)
  • * People Skills Course (Value: 997)
  • * 30 Days To Discipline Course (Value: 297)
  • * ASAP Confidence Course (Value: 297)
  • * 25 Hours Course (Value: 297)
  • * Toughen Up Course (Value: 297)
  • * Sell Yourself Course (Value: 297)
  • * Content Machine Course (Value: 297)
  • * Raise Your Value (Value: 297)
  • * Social Story Secrets (Value: 297)
  • * Unapologetic (Value: 297)
  • * Monthly Work On Your Game Magazine (Value: 47)
  • * Daily Text Messages From Dre (Value: 47)
  • * Private University Community (Value: 97)
or $9,970 Yearly (Save $1,994!)
  • * Work On Your Game System (Value: 997)
  • * Bulletproof Mindset 12 Module Course (Value: 997)
  • * People Skills Course (Value: 997)
  • * 30 Days To Discipline Course (Value: 297)
  • * ASAP Confidence Course (Value: 297)
  • * 25 Hours Course (Value: 297)
  • * Toughen Up Course (Value: 297)
  • * Sell Yourself Course (Value: 297)
  • * Content Machine Course (Value: 297)
  • * Raise Your Value (Value: 297)
  • * Social Story Secrets (Value: 297)
  • * Unapologetic (Value: 297)
  • * Monthly Work On Your Game Magazine (Value: 47)
  • * Daily Text Messages From Dre (Value: 47)
  • * Private University Community (Value: 97)
  • >>> * Bi-Weekly 1-On-1 Coaching Call With Dre (Value: 9,970)
or $9,070 Yearly Up Front (Save $1,994!)
  • Everything Listed Above -- PLUS Two (2) Monthly 60-Minute 1-On-1 Calls

all memberships come with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

PS - If you're just skimming, Dre Baldwin has bundled ALL of his courses and the FULL Work On Your Game System into one offer called Work On Your Game University. You get all the courses, live events and daily texts from Dre all for just $97/month.

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