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From: Dre Baldwin
RE: Mastermind

Dear Professional,

If you want have direct access to me for live trainings, questions and challenges... you want to codify your knowledge and identify + sell to your ideal clients... or even if you just want to remain Disciplined, Confident & Mentally Tough through anything... then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

The most important contributor to your success (or failure) – after your GAME – is the PEOPLE you surround yourself with!

Over the past 16+ years, I have personally coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and athletes – and virtually coached MILLIONS on business, mindset, strategy, accountability and execution.

Here's how and why I can make promises...

My name is Dre Baldwin and I'm the creator of the "Work On Your Game" philosophy and brand.

I'm author of 29 books on mindset, business and communication. I've done 4 TEDxTalks and my materials have been viewed, listened to and watched over 150 million times worldwide since 2005.

The Bulletproof Mastermind is your LAST stop if you're looking for business strategy, accountability and execution – as well as mindset training from an exert on Discipline, Confidence, Mental Toughness & Personal Initiative.

Below, you'll see testimonials from people just like you who've worked with me.

You're "on the clock" in life as well as in your career. If you're going to do something about it, do it NOW.
Most people die with regrets of the chances and actions they knew about and thought about – but never acted on.

According to research, the #1 challenge of small business is a lack of money / cash flow.

Why? Because –

1) Lack of Clarity: They cannot clearly articulate what they do, who they do it for and how it helps those people

2) Inconsistency: They do not have a clear plan that they can stick to and execute ruthlessly.

I created this program to handle those challenges for you. 

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* You'll discover exactly how to create a clear FRAMEWORK for what you do and who it's for – so your target client knows you are what they need

* You'll understand exactly how to use advertising to MAKE you money and not be a gamble

* You'll stop spinning your wheels and skip past all the time-wasting that stop MOST people fall victim to and get right to the things that produce success

* You'll have a place to go (and people to ask) when you face a challenge - and get direct help any time you have questions

* You'll have a clear plan on you to make more money from your business – which means having breathing room to work ON your business and not always IN your business

The Numbers Don't Lie!
Every successful person, from athletes to musicians to entrepreneurs, has people around them to be an extra set of eyes and help hold them accountable. 

STOP trying to do it all by yourself!

* Think about how good it will feel to know you can call on Dre and the Bulletproof Mastermind community with every challenge that comes up, no matter how big or small

* When you know you have your sh*t together – at work and mentally – you'll have the peace of mind that's what you REALLY want from your life

* You will position yourself to help people – and help yourself in the process

* No more guessing game as to what steps to take next for your business and life

So Here's The Bottom Line With Bulletproof Mastermind...

👉🏽 You get a LIVE training with Dre every week (and always-available replays for any that you miss). 

👉🏽 In the member-only community, you'll share your challenges, questions and have your work (websites, sales pitches, products, ideas, anything else) reviewed and critiqued in a helpful way. 

👉🏽 You get direct help from Dre on anything business or mindset related (which is pretty much everything). In other words, you get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

You get all of this for only $297 / Month...

what you get in the Bulletproof Mastermind...
💻 Weekly Zoom Calls Calls are 60 minutes each, every other week for your group. Dre will do a training (topic will be announced each week in the member-only Community Platform) followed by open Q&A. Here's where you learn directly from Dre himself – which means taking immediate ACTION on EVERY call!  
🤝 Member-Only Community Hosted on our platform (NOT Facebook ❌), here's where you can connect with other group members – which means building RELATIONSHIPS, finding ACCOUNTABILITY partners, helping others and getting help! 
🏛 Call Recording Archive Where you'll access every past call all in one place, so you can go back over and take notes on anything you've heard or missed  – which means you never miss anything and get ALL the details Dre shares! 
Weekly Accountabilty & Challenges You asked for this and we listened. With this, you'll have work to do towards your goals every week (and be checked on to see if you did it!) – which means you're consistently ADVANCING and never stagnant! 
🔓 Month-To-Month Access – Cancel Any Time We made it like this because we are so sure of the VALUE you'll get and the PROGRESS you'll make in Work On Your Game University that we don't need to hold you hostage here. If you're not getting results, you SHOULD leave! (But you wont want to... 😄)

Here's everything you get...

1) Bulletproof Mastermind ($24,997 Value)
This group coaching program makes it easy to get all your questions and needs addressed, learn directly from Dre on live calls + sharing your challenges in the community, and know exactly how to solve your biggest challenges – no more confusion or anxiety.

2) Member-Only Community ($997 Value)
This community ONLY for Bulletproof Mastermind members makes it easy to communicate and network with other Bulletproof Mastermind members, exchange knowledge, offer help and get helped by other members, and STOP trying to go it alone (which you KNOW doesn't work).

3) Weekly Live Trainings ($19,850 Value)
This live coaching calls makes it easy to get live trainings from Dre where he breaks down essential business & mindset strategies, apply the teachings immediately & with clarity, and do your work without worrying if you're doing the right things.

4) Training Call Archive ($39,700 Value)
This training library makes it easy to review and re-watch any training from the history of the Bulletproof Mastermind , have every training Dre has ever done – even if you couldn't be on live, and review any details you might have missed on the live trainings .
Total Value: $85,544
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Bulletproof Mastermind
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  • Accountability & Challenges
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Dre Baldwin
P.S. - Every minute waiting is another 60 seconds of opportunity wasted, and another minute of you not being who or where you want to be. How long will you allow this to continue?

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